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In the night between August the 28th and the 29th 2018 the ship Eleftherios Venizelos, another ferry from Anek Lines, during its travel from Piraeus to Crete with 875 passengers and 141 crew on board, was hit by a serious fire in the garage area, so much that the Captain was forced to declare general emergency and abandonment of the ship.

The emergency operations were not easy and implied the intervent of two firefighting tug boats, ten tenders, 48 firefighters and two emergency teams, as the fire was very quickly expanding from the lower decks and heavy black smoke was inclosing the ship.

The dynamic of the new accident is similar to the disaster of the Norman Atlantic, which as this one, was operating under the flag of the Greek company ANEK: a vehicle parked on board caught fire so that from 12am the board started to send emergency signals to get help from the Coast Guard.

After we assisted dozens of passengers who suffered a devastating experience onboard of the Anek’s ferry Norman Atlantic in the nights of the 28/29 December 2014 where so many lost their life, an all others suffered for their personal safety and for the losses of their personal belongings and for which we already submitted to the Civil Court of Bari our law suit against Anek and Visemar (see our web page on such case:, we face another case with a fire that broke out in the car deck of a ferry.

The emergency operations on the Eleftherios Venizelos went on during all night and the ship was at the end escorted back into Piraeus and all the passengers were disambarked only during the morning of the 29 August.

Media sources report that the ship has had many problems operating so much that since 2014 it has a discontinuous use, with some short-term rentals (including one to the Greek government for the transportation of migrants from the islands) and sporadic income in service as a replace of other ships Anek stopped for repairs. This raises questions in relation to safety of the ship. These questions will be adressed by with a specific complaint we will file to authorities that have already opened an investigation to find out the causes of the fire and the reasons for the lack of containment of the flames in the garage by the drenching system, providing all the trial expert’s reports on Norman Atlantic about critical issues on fires in Ro/Ro ship’s garage open decks. Continua a leggere

Pre-Trial probative hearing for #NormanAtlantic

IMG_7327After a long wait, the Public Prosecutors of Bari have finally filed the request for the probative hearing, in order to proceed through the Judge experts, to access the ship and examine, jointly with the other parties, to all the data equipment, and investigation results, carried out so far. The experts will be ask to ensure the nature of the malfunction of the fire alarm system, and all supply systems of the motorship Norman Atlantic, the observance of the regulations on ship safety, loading and securing of vehicles, the effective closing of the garage, identification of the causes of the fire, and its propagation, the correctness of the emergency procedures, evacuation and timing of the alarms, in addition to the reliefs of all technical data, in function to the next processual phase of the case .

The GIP (investigating Judge) of Bari, Dr. Alessandra Piliego, has stated the first pre-trial hearing to May 22- 2015, in order to formulate the investigation requests and to formally give the assignment to a college of experts already appointed. We already know the names of some of this experts, or auxiliaries, for being consultants or experts in the Concordia case.

The long list of injured parties in the hearing decree document, is only partial because it is not updated with all further complaints for several other passengers, only recently filed – in many parties of Italy – close to the expiry period of three months after the fact, and apparently not yet formally dispatched to the attention of Bari court offices. This will not be a difficulty as, out of the fact that only some of the passengers apparently proposed a complaint, the GIP ordered the notification of the decree about the probative hearing with public announce, disposing the publication of the document on institutional sites and its transmission to news agency.

norman-atlantic-sportellone[1]We looked forward to start the judicial proceeding operations, that incredibly seemed destined to remain suspended for a long time more. The situation, we must critically comment, seems to have been resolved only with the media pressure most recently placed by the cruise companies Costa Crociere and MSC, complaining about the occupation of the cruise dock in the port of Bari by the wreck Norman Atlantic, from the gruesome and not very reassuring appearance, containing a lot of heavy trucks still loaded of food in an advanced state of decomposition: so, for them, the Norman Atlantic is an inconvenient and stinks wreck.

They seem to forget, however, that this wreck still holds, allegedly, other passenger’s corpse who have not been found or that were not even recorded in boarding list, and that for more than 120 days, many missing’s relatives are anxious to recover and bring home the bodies of their family members, or at least to know if one of the corpses already found on board or at sea in recent months belongs to their relative.

On Monday we will present a formal request to the Prosecutor of Bari in order to proceed, without further delay, to the sample collection for recognition of DNA on family members of some of the missing, and that firstly ask, indeed legitimately require, to know.

After the expert’s operations will also be possible to proceed to a possible restitution, in favor of claimants, of the recoverable vehicles and personal property, if not destroyed in the fire of 28/12/2014.

Our lawyers Massimiliano Gabrielli, Cesare Bulgheroni and Alessandra Guarini will take part at the hearing on May 22, primarily to monitor and protect the interests of the injured parties, but also to assert immediately passenger’s rights, which are still waiting a real offer from the companies.

As for today, Anek Lines and Visemar have not made any kind of concrete offer, avoiding a diligent behavior but mostly, providing an initial and adequate sum for compensation, due, in relation to the victims’ families, some of which, as in the case of truck drivers, have left wives and children without any form of maintenance .


Norman Atlantic: l’Avv. Bulgheroni in Procura a Bari

cesare bullL’Avv. Cesare Bulgheroni del nostro pool si è recato oggi dì nuovo in Procura della Repubblica a Bari per incontrare i responsabili delle indagini sull’incendio del Norman Atlantic, tuttora in corso, al fine di verificare lo stato delle stesse e coordinare i prossimi appuntamenti; è previsto infatti per il giorno 28.04.2015 il conferimento di incarico ai consulenti della Procura per svolgere ulteriori esami ed accertamenti tecnici non ripetibili ex art. 360 c.p.p. nei confronti dei nuovi indagati (due membri equipaggio), nell’estrazione dei dati ed analisi dal sistema di rilevamento incendi (autosafe – fire alarm control panel) la cui centrale è collocata sulla plancia della nave ormeggiata in banchina a Bari, e nella estrazione dei dati contenuti nel telefono cellulare Samsung in uso al Comandante Argilio Giacomazzi la notte dell’incidente. Inoltre i PM di Bari dovranno decidere se procedere alle notifiche riguardo alla richiesta di incidente probatorio tramite pubblici proclami o con notifiche dirette a tutte le parti offese. Ad oggi ancora non è stata fissata la data di prima udienza per l’incidente probatorio che dovrebbe svolgersi quanto prima. Proseguono infine le operazione di identificazione delle vittime e di analisi DNA dei corpi rinvenuti a bordo ed in mare, ultimo caso circa due settimane fa ad Ostuni.


Mr. Cesare Bulgheroni, one of th lawyers of our pool went today again in the Prosecutor’s Office in Bari to meet the investigators on the case of Norman Atlantic, still in progress, in order to check the status of the same and coordinate the upcoming events; it is expected for the day 28/04/2015 the transfer of assignment to the consultants of the prosecutor to conduct further tests and technical assessments not repeatable art. 360 Code of Criminal Procedure against the new investigated (two crew members), data extraction and analysis from the fire detection system (Autosafe – fire alarm control panel) whose center panel lies on the bridge of the ship moored at the quay in Bari, and in the extraction of data from the Samsung phone in use to the Commander Argilio Giacomazzi the night of the accident. In addition, the PM of Bari will have to decide whether to make the notifications concerning the request for the probative evidence hearing through public proclamations or notifications direct to all offended parties. The date still has not been fixed for the first hearing in the recording of evidence procedure that should take place as soon as possible. Finally, it continue operation of victims identification and DNA analysis of the bodies found on board and at sea, the last event about two weeks ago in Ostuni.

Norman Atlantic complaint’s terms close to expire – scadenza termini per la querela


It’s necessary for every survivor of the Norman Atlantic shipwreck to know that, as established by art. 124 of the Italian Criminal Code, their right to present criminal complaint against the responsible for the damages they have suffered as a result of the wrong maneuvers of the NA’s commander and his crew, and against directors of Visemar and Anek Lines, responsible for not correctly examined and equipped ship with all possible measures to prevent accidents, prescribing for minor crimes- such as, for example, personal injuries that could heal in less than 20 days- in the term of three months from the moment in which the event happened.

In this way, in fact, who will present a criminal complaint – explaining what happened in the night of the 27th December 2014 aboard of the NA and after the beginning of the emergency and in the following hours – have the right to ask to be compensated for the damages suffered for the wreck directly in the criminal trial that will be conducted in Bari (Italy) against the Commander and against the Directors of the two Companies involved in the crimes (Visemar as the owner of the vessel and Anek Lines as the operator of the line with the Norman Atlantic).

Not only. Who will file a criminal complaint against the Commander and against the Directors of Visemar and Anek Lines will have even a stronger position in the negotiations that we are conducting with Visemar and Anek out of Court, to get the best possible compensation of the damages suffered by the survivors of the NA’s shipwreck.

Considering that the facts happened between the 27 and the 30 December 2014, the final term to file a criminal complaint for the crimes suffered during the wreck will expire the 28th of March 2015.

We are ready to assist anyone in Italy, it is here that will take place the criminal trial and the jurisdiction of this shipwreck is undoubtedly Italian because the ship in registered in Bari (ITALIA), and to submit criminal complaints for the events that occurred during the hours of the emergency aboard the NA.

The staff of Justice for the Norman Atlantic’s wreck.


E’ necessario far sapere a tutti i superstiti del naufragio del Norman Atlantic che, come disposto dall’art. 124 del Codice Penale Italiano, il loro diritto a presentare denunce penali contro i responsabili dei danni che hanno subito, a causa delle manovre errate del Comandante del NA e del suo equipaggio, e contro i direttori di Visemar e Anek lines, responsabili dell’accaduto per non aver correttamente esaminato e dotato la nave di ogni possibile misura per evitare incidenti, si prescrive per i reati minori- quali ad esempio le lesioni personali guaribili in meno di 20 giorni- nel termine di 3 mesi dal momento in cui è accaduto il fatto.

In questo modo infatti, chi presenterà una denuncia penale, spiegando cosa è successo nella notte del 27 dicembre 2014 a bordo del NA, dopo l’inizio dell’emergenza e nelle ore successive, avrà il diritto di chiedere di essere risarcito dei danni subiti a causa del naufragio, direttamente nel processo penale che sarà condotto a Bari (Italia), contro il comandante e contro i direttori delle due compagnie coinvolte (Visemar nella qualità di proprietario della nave e Anek come operatore di linea del NA).

Ma non solo. Chi presenterà una denuncia penale contro il comandante e contro i direttori di Visemar e Anek lines godrà anche di una posizione più forte nelle negoziazioni che noi stiamo conducendo con Visemar e Anek al di fuori del Tribunale, per far ottenere il miglior risarcimento possibile per i danni subiti ai superstiti del naufragio del Norman Atlantic.

Considerando che i fatti sono accaduti tra il 27 e il 30 dicembre 2014, il termine finale per proporre la denuncia per i crimini subiti durante il naufragio scadrà il 28 MARZO 2015.

Siamo pronti ad assistere chiunque in Italia, è qui che si terrà il processo penale e la giurisdizione di questo naufragio è indubbiamente italiana perché la nave è registrata a Bari(Italia), e siamo pronti a presentare denunce penali per gli eventi accaduti durante le ore dell’emergenza a bordo del Norman Atlantic.

Lo staff di Giustizia per il naufragio del Norman Atlantic.