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Documento Newspaper on our client’s testimonies

An article from Documento newspaper in Greece, recently took into account our legal Team collegue Mr. Kriton Metaxopoulos and some of our client’s interview.

Numerous faults, omissions and violations of basic safety rules are detected in the report on the causes of the tragedy of the Norman Atlantic shipwreck from the experts appointed by the Italian Justice which is currently displayed in «Documento» newspaper. At the same time, people who experienced the events of December 28th 2014, talk to «Documento» newspaper and describe the dramatic moments they experienced in the Adriatic, where they literally faced death.

The appointed experts reported that the ship was overloaded with vehicles and especially refrigerator trucks. The results showed that the on board vehicles were more than the available sockets. In this context, many refrigerator trucks had their engines working while the ship was on board. Furthermore, the experts concluded that the fire caused by a vehicle engine/machine, a fact that may be related to the operation of the engines the on board refrigerator trucks. It is mentioned that the inadequacy of the available sockets on the ship compared with the number of refrigerator trucks became subject of the debate among captain Argillio Giaromazzi, ship-owner Argillio Giaromazzi and representative of ANEK, few hours before the fatal incident.  It is also noted that due to overload of the ship, the vehicles in parking lots were almost stuck with each other.

According to the appointed experts, the construction of the ship, the arrangement of its inner spaces and the time required for the activation of the ship’s fire-alarm system were the basic factors that the fire impossible to be extinguished on time.

Mr. Kriton Metaxopoulos, the lawyer who represents families of victims of the Norman Atlantic shipwreck along with Italian lawyers, mentioned in Documento newspaper the following: ‘’The facts resulted from questioning procedure until today and basically the experts’ findings confirm all the allegations and arguments of both families of the victims and tragedy survivors. In any case, according to my opinion, there is no doubt about the civil and criminal liability of the defendants’’.

Survivors’ Testimonies

  • Mr. Ioannis Vassalos (passenger): ‘’There was no plan and the crew was not on its duty positions.  The situation was out of control.’’
  • Mr. Olivier Coissard (French passenger): ‘’There were such high temperatures that our shoes melted and our bags got burnt.’’
  • Mr. Evangelos Tsoukis (passenger): ‘’Every one of us acted spontaneously. […] There was no coordinated action or any information by the crew…’’
  • Mr. Leonidas Konstantinidis (truck driver): ‘’We were trapped and fire was getting closer to us. The only option seemed to be the sea’’.

Norman Atlantic complaint’s terms close to expire – scadenza termini per la querela


It’s necessary for every survivor of the Norman Atlantic shipwreck to know that, as established by art. 124 of the Italian Criminal Code, their right to present criminal complaint against the responsible for the damages they have suffered as a result of the wrong maneuvers of the NA’s commander and his crew, and against directors of Visemar and Anek Lines, responsible for not correctly examined and equipped ship with all possible measures to prevent accidents, prescribing for minor crimes- such as, for example, personal injuries that could heal in less than 20 days- in the term of three months from the moment in which the event happened.

In this way, in fact, who will present a criminal complaint – explaining what happened in the night of the 27th December 2014 aboard of the NA and after the beginning of the emergency and in the following hours – have the right to ask to be compensated for the damages suffered for the wreck directly in the criminal trial that will be conducted in Bari (Italy) against the Commander and against the Directors of the two Companies involved in the crimes (Visemar as the owner of the vessel and Anek Lines as the operator of the line with the Norman Atlantic).

Not only. Who will file a criminal complaint against the Commander and against the Directors of Visemar and Anek Lines will have even a stronger position in the negotiations that we are conducting with Visemar and Anek out of Court, to get the best possible compensation of the damages suffered by the survivors of the NA’s shipwreck.

Considering that the facts happened between the 27 and the 30 December 2014, the final term to file a criminal complaint for the crimes suffered during the wreck will expire the 28th of March 2015.

We are ready to assist anyone in Italy, it is here that will take place the criminal trial and the jurisdiction of this shipwreck is undoubtedly Italian because the ship in registered in Bari (ITALIA), and to submit criminal complaints for the events that occurred during the hours of the emergency aboard the NA.

The staff of Justice for the Norman Atlantic’s wreck.


E’ necessario far sapere a tutti i superstiti del naufragio del Norman Atlantic che, come disposto dall’art. 124 del Codice Penale Italiano, il loro diritto a presentare denunce penali contro i responsabili dei danni che hanno subito, a causa delle manovre errate del Comandante del NA e del suo equipaggio, e contro i direttori di Visemar e Anek lines, responsabili dell’accaduto per non aver correttamente esaminato e dotato la nave di ogni possibile misura per evitare incidenti, si prescrive per i reati minori- quali ad esempio le lesioni personali guaribili in meno di 20 giorni- nel termine di 3 mesi dal momento in cui è accaduto il fatto.

In questo modo infatti, chi presenterà una denuncia penale, spiegando cosa è successo nella notte del 27 dicembre 2014 a bordo del NA, dopo l’inizio dell’emergenza e nelle ore successive, avrà il diritto di chiedere di essere risarcito dei danni subiti a causa del naufragio, direttamente nel processo penale che sarà condotto a Bari (Italia), contro il comandante e contro i direttori delle due compagnie coinvolte (Visemar nella qualità di proprietario della nave e Anek come operatore di linea del NA).

Ma non solo. Chi presenterà una denuncia penale contro il comandante e contro i direttori di Visemar e Anek lines godrà anche di una posizione più forte nelle negoziazioni che noi stiamo conducendo con Visemar e Anek al di fuori del Tribunale, per far ottenere il miglior risarcimento possibile per i danni subiti ai superstiti del naufragio del Norman Atlantic.

Considerando che i fatti sono accaduti tra il 27 e il 30 dicembre 2014, il termine finale per proporre la denuncia per i crimini subiti durante il naufragio scadrà il 28 MARZO 2015.

Siamo pronti ad assistere chiunque in Italia, è qui che si terrà il processo penale e la giurisdizione di questo naufragio è indubbiamente italiana perché la nave è registrata a Bari(Italia), e siamo pronti a presentare denunce penali per gli eventi accaduti durante le ore dell’emergenza a bordo del Norman Atlantic.

Lo staff di Giustizia per il naufragio del Norman Atlantic.