container[1]On board of the Norman Atlantic ship, in addition to a number of passengers – still undefined, were present a lot of other means, cargo, freights, trucks transporting goods, vegetables and containers which carried any various materials.

Damage caused to vehicles and goods carried: If you are a shipping company, a freight forwarder, a carrier or just a company that is been damaged in any means by embarking his shipment aboard the NormanAtlantic ferry, we will handle the complete case, for a possible recovery (as for latest news, it looks like vehicles at garage bridges 1 and 2 are incredibly intact!), and for full and fair compensation by Anek Lines as operator, Visemar as ship’s owner, or by their civil liables, the insurance companies.

WHY IT IS IMPORTANT FOR SHIPPERS TO JOIN OUR CRIMINAL COMPLAINT(S): the insurance Companies will not recognize damages to vehicles from the fire provoked by an undividable crime responsible of it, intentionally or not, as the insurance contract covers only damages provoked by a malfunction of the vehicles themselves. We can say by now that the fire aboard the Norman Atlantic was not caused by an accidental malfunction of the insured vehicles, but it was caused either by some ship electric freight trucks support line malfunctions, the incorrect actions of some individuals in the crew, passengers or illegal in the garage, as there are already pending criminal investigations to identify the causes and responsibles of the fire, that has caused damages even to all the vehicles aboard.

Considering this circumstance, starting a classical civil legal procedure, through a regular or family lawyer or an insurance agency, to get the damages occurred to the vehicles and to their contents from the car insurance Companies or the ship insurance would not lead to any result but the loss of time and the likely exclusion from all the procedures of compensation, trough the pending criminal procedure, that we are starting and filing up for our clients. So, how to ask for damages to insurance Companies will have to consider different issues, in parallel with criminal results .

freight truck300x200[1]Not only: without participating to our criminal complaints for damage, you will be even not entitled to join the request that we are filing to Public Prosecutors to get the possible seizure of assets of Visemar Italian Company, owner of the ship, and the operating one, Anek lines, to grant the credits of damaged persons and companies.

About us: We are a group of lawyers, experts in Ship & mass disaster, as pool “Giustizia per la Concordia” we have been leaders among the civil parties in the crime trial for the shipwreck of Costa Concordia, in which we are still engaged in defending a group of about one hundred passengers in hearings against Francesco Schettino, and we are, as civil parties and prominent leaders, from the early stages of investigations in all Italian major criminal cases involving common interests to victims of personal injury (justice for asbestos victims) or for financial loss of mass numbers (justice for victims of crack SAI insurance), as in many other procedural steps to protect victims of mass disaster and serial damages.

What are we doing: We are activating all the necessary procedures for the recovery of shipments of goods, in favor of a good number of passengers and companies, who have already submitted requests to that effect. We will keep you informed about the possibility of recovering part of the expedition, as soon as the ship will be inspected thoroughly, but for the moment is excluded any possibility of recovery of any means contained in the ship garage parking, which is still burning in the port of Brindisi. We are the only lawyers, up to the date, to have proposed to the Public Prosecutor, protection measure for the victim’s future compensation in the event that the insurance companies, for whatever reason, would try to refuse to pay.

What you need to act for damages to shipments compensation: As the passenger list is still incomplete, it could be also the one of the goods or the means present on the ship, so you must be able to demonstrate that your goods or your means were present on the ferry.
Please send us directly all information about your drivers or employees on the Norman Atlantic, so we can assist them in an immediate way. We strongly recommend to the companies were involved, through the signature of Your legal representative, and both your drivers, to join our initiative on criminal procedure, filing a complant against companies Visemar, Anek and the crew members of the Noman Atlantic. We take care and deal with all the preparation and filing of the complaints and lawsuit, being only necessary to have your documentation support and signature, but you should immediately start actions, sending a letter requesting damages.

WHAT ARE THE LEGAL COSTS: We operate in a very clear and absolute transparent method, there is no need of any anticipated payment and we carry out the assistance without requesting any retainer and with zero costs for the Clients; obviously our lawyers do not work for free; the payment system is regulated as a contingency fees’ pact that predicts to leave to lawyers for their assistance a percentage of the amounts that will be earned as compensation in your favor. PLEASE NOTE that contingency fees’ pact for shipment is more convenient, as the personal damages (passengers or drivers) is higher, and it is fixed at 10% more.  For this case it is the best possible, virtuous and beneficial deal for the victims of the tragedy, since, without having to anticipate any expense or risk to pay thousands of euro in fees for legal actions, our lawyers will have to work to get the possible maximum compensations in your interest in the shortest time as possible. The assistance of our pool covers entirely any cost either for the phase out of court (letters and notices damages, negotiations, meetings, transactions, etc.) and either the actions that we are promoting and we intend to promote on behalf of all of our Clients (complaints, request for seizure, represent you as civil part in the criminal trial etc. etc.).


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