NORMAN ATLANTIC Compensations for passenger’s damages: what to do!


norman atlantic in fiamme

For the passengers and workers of the Norman Atlantic ship, property of “Visemar di Navigazione” fleet and operated by the Agenzia Archibugi , destroyed by fire out of Greece costs, now begins the ordeal of seeking for damages compensation, and the hard choice between the possible legal action to activate (civil or criminal) and on the choice of a lawyer’s office to trust.

We suggest you right now what to do, with a short handbook on how to get the maximum compensation as a result of our deep experience on disaster of the Costa Concordia as leaders of the legal pool “Giustizia per la Concordia“, for personal injury, material damages, compensation for ruined vacation, compensation for lost property and items, expenses for transportation, etc.. etc..; we have represented about a hundred passengers in the criminal trial against Captain Schettino and we are leaders of civil actions for many other passengers who previously had entrusted other law firms, or consumer’s associations, as they ended being cutted off from the criminal trial and other procedural initiatives in Italy we promoted effectively and immediately .

We will tell you why You should NOT go with the Consumers Association, or single family law firms, lacking of experience in shipwreck and maritime compensations matters, and why you should dissociate from any CLASS ACTION and proceed for INDIVIDUAL ACTION FOR ALL THE DAMAGES SUFFERED. The various law firms and consumer’s associations immediately highlighted for the aim of the media scenes, suggesting to let them lead the case for the best form of compensation to all passengers through the cd. Class Action, which is a unique legal action in favor of a multitude of subjects with common interests, even claiming to have already identified at least € 10,000.00 the compensation which you are entitled! We believe and are confident the parameters will be more high, as for a ship abandoned at sea and in the middle of winter, and rescue operations were in fact very complex and made ​​difficult by weather conditions : over 50 knots of wind and sea force 7-8 . Some passengers have spread the dramatic testimony of the events on board : “We are burning and sinking and no one is able to save us . Help us not leave us alone”, “our shoes were melting in the reception while the fire was still high in the garage.” About 150 people took place inthe lifeboats of Norman Atlantic , where a fire broke out in the garage , but because of the high condition of the sea, transfer in Greek ships for rescue is being very difficult; some lifeboats were also  destroyed by the flames , while some helicopters from Hellenic Navy have approached the ferry to rescue the passengers, 521 in all.

nroman-atlantic-risarcimentiAll passengers will be entitled to compensation legally tied to contractual liability of the shipowner, but it may also emerge failures or violations of safety rules or lack of preparation to the emergency by the crew, which would raise the responsibility of the maritime company, and raise the level of compensation through the pretense of “punitive damages” based on the U.S. law model , which in addition to the typical component of compensation ” compensatory “, assumes a function of preventing future violations similar for all subjects (owners or carriers) .

We explain you why the class action is NOT the best choice for you, what to do now to protect your rights and why we can get you to the best compensation possible.

The cumulative actions or cd. Class Action is advantageous if many subjects for the same reasons must obtain a modest compensation, in the order of a few tens of euros, because you can share the resources of spending in favor of a sentence that has unique and generic average compensation payable to all, being represented by a single lawyer, often with modest judicial experience. The damages resulting from the fire onboard of Norman Atlantic is not the case, do not agree to submit any agreement and receive  an average compensation or generally recognized for all the other passengers! If others get € 10,000.00 on the basis of an agreement of the consumer associations, for certainly the individual acting in an autonomous way will not be bound by this limited amount, which, indeed, for those will be a minimum starting base of compensation!

We are experts in mediation, the process of a facilitated and alternative dispute resolution, that will certainly be the first and best way to quickly obtain a proposal from the fleet owner company, and we have law offices with lawyers available online for a first and totally free consultation, all over Italy, with offices based in Rome, Milano and Fiumicino.

PLUS, it must be considered that this area of law is complex and not alla the law firms are able to handle the case, as there are other rules that apply: the Athens Convention applies to international carriage by sea. So, even if for example, all the transportation contracts made from EU citizens, report a contractual clause articol about jurisdiction, the Athens Convenction provides that compensation claims for personal injury and death can usually be brought in the country most favourable to you, wich in this case is certanly Italy. The  cruise ticket held online specifies that Italian law should apply. For personal injuries, Italian law may actually provide for a more accurate remedy that the Greece General Maritime Law and statutory law, governed by a federal statute called the Death On The High Seas Act (“DOHSA”). A passenger could conceivably file suit in a more convenient forum, like in UK or in the U.S. and yet receive no recovery in some cases, whereas if the passenger filed suit in a less convenient location in Italy there may be greater recovery in some cases.

Relying on consumer associations, trusting foreign law firms or lawyers who are not experts in the area, will inevitably lead to a duplication of legal expenses and compensation of time at your expenses. Please consider also that some big firm around the globe is just passing clients to the Italian consumers’ association, connected with lawyers and italian law firms, trying to collect some enough people to file the class action and ask you for the maximum share fees for the class action on the American percentage legal system: 40% of the money you’ll get in the lawsuit! so, on a class action with them You’ll be giving Your money to the international law office, the consumer’s associations AND the italian law firms.

We are a law office pool in Italy (based in Milano, Rome & Fiumicino) formed with a team of fully english-speaking lawyers, expert in compensation damage cases on shipwrecks and maritime law, practicing in tourism law and travel law, as well as mediation. We handle daily cases for either civil and/or criminal courthouse for compensations and maritime matters. Directing a case in Italy requires an italian lawyer as a part of the trial, so even if you already have a trusted lawyer in your country we can coordinate with them and operate on their direction and guide the case through our experience on the Italian national law and court house legal practice.

The company has not yet officially announced the full compensation package for those onboard the ship during the fire.

WHAT TO DO, some early suggestions:

  1. Make a list of your goods (jewelry, electronic equipment, money, clothes, etc..) lost in the shipwreck.
  2. Retrieve travel documents (voucher email, travel agency etc..) and document any expenses incurred for travel and for repatriation.
  3. For those who have suffered injuries keep copies of medical certificates and expenses, however, as you get home go to your doctor for medical report of anxiety and psychological stress as PTSD or “post traumatic stress disorder”.
  4. Please contact our Law Agency office to send instantly and totally free of charge first letter for the damages request, to the Costa Cruises Company (so-called letter of legal action), which breaks any prescription (there are not 10 days as you might have heard on Tv news, but it is preferable to send as soon as possible notice of your damages in order to effect the legal interests).
  5. In case of injury this shall be subject to criminal legal action and file a complaint within three months after the fact (recommended).
  6.  The whole procedure with our office will take place online, without the need to physically visit our Offices, via email and web video connections, or if you prefer by making an appointment at our offices in Milano, Rome or Fiumicino or most of Italian cities.
  7. We have opened a Chatline for advice on compensation for Concordia wreck

NOTE: personal presence will not be necessary, unless in rare and special cases; we do not think we will get to a trial anyway, with any probability the settlement will came out from a mediation process, strengthen  up by the crime case and results of the investigations. In this, our office is been authorized to operate  fully online, with special video connections, very easy and convenient to use.

All the requests, documents and whatever needed will be posted on the website, sent on email messages, or regular mail postal service for the originals.

We believe that all the passengers will have a right for a PTSD compensation, so it would be a good idea to have a medic counselor report as you return home and keep all the recipts at Your name.

In order to proceed in your favor, we think it is urgent to send the claim for damages registered letter, if you already did not do so; this will be out of any charge, as all the rest of our initiatives for You, since we operate on a share agreement base, if you don’t get your money we do not recover our expences and fees, it is as simple as this. We should have copy of the boarding tickets, after that You will recieve from us all the questionnaire forms, a report for, and the share agreement documents.

Please consider that our office is giving an important effort to collect all the details from the passenger’s and the authorities, in order to submit a criminal lawsuit for all our clients, since we believe that this will be the best and more effective key to open the way to the truth on what happened and to the company’s funds for a remarkable compensation.

We are confident that You will trust especially our loyalty to Your best interests.

Contact us now, no charge commitment, free consultation, immediate answers!

  • Hot line      +39 340 2602504 <> +39 06 89019172 <> +39 06 39741015
  • Rome     (Avv.Massimiliano Gabrielli)
  • Milano   (Avv. Cesare Bulgheroni)
  • Biella     (Avv. Alessandra Guarini)

Leave a comment for more information and to be contacted free of charge, or to ask for our info’s files.


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