IMG_6830Our pool of lawyers, who followed also the Concordia trial, gets the highest liquidation ever for damages to passengers – without physical injuries – of the  ship sunken out of the island of Giglio: the Court of Grosseto sentenced to 16 years in prison Captain Francesco Schettino and condemns Costa Cruises company to pay compensation to passengers who were constituted as civil parties in the criminal trial.

The Court of Grosseto, in ONLY TWO YEARS OF TRIAL, sentenced to 16 years in prison Captain Francesco Schettino and condemns Costa Cruises company to pay compensation to passengers who were constituted as civil parties in the criminal trial.

Liquidation basis of € 30.000,00, but ONLY FOR OUR CLIENTS, compensation rise up to euro 50.000,00 each, almost FIVE TIMES THE ORIGINAL OFFER ACCEPTED BY MOST PASSENGERS, demonstrating the quality of our efforts and the convenience of action for damages in the criminal trial.

IMG_6674Other law firms speak of possibilities, we DO the facts and we have made a difference. NO ONE of the Greek or the international law firms WAS IN CRIMINAL CONCORDIA TRIAL and has  obtained compensation like our clients in this case. No one. They all closed their client’s positions with minor negotiations.

And this is only a down payment as provisional, subject to the final settlement in a civil trial where we can demonstrate the presence of additional damage and get to the final condemn to pay, as requested, of 150/300 thousand euro per passenger, according to the different proportion of biological damage demonstrated by each one, according to medical advices from our experts.

  • Granted the right to compensation for damage suffered as PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) to our clients, even in the absence of specific pharmacological therapies and medical certifications.
  • Granted the right to reimbursement of damages for loss of personal property on board the ship
  • Granted the right to the reimbursement of legal expenses

IMG_6817Needless to say, in this regard, that expectations of compensation for Norman Atlantic’s passengers are objectively and greatly higher than those of the Costa Concordia, as their experience was, except in rare cases, dramatically more intense, both from the point of view of psychological and physical stress, both for the duration of the catastrophic experience, lasting up to 72 hours compared to a few hours in which occurred the sinking of the Costa Concordia.

In many cases the loss of personal property is infinitely higher, since the N.A. was not a cruise ship but a ferry, with people traveling on their cars full of all their objects and goods, and many expensive transporting trucks and also shippers lost merchandise of enormous value

For passengers of #NormanAtlantic, therefore, it is urgent to participate immediately to the ongoing criminal proceedings in Bari, and learn from the experience of others: do not make the same mistake as many passengers of Concordia, who readily accepted an initial proposal (11.00,00 euro) or being cut off the criminal trial, as some decided to follow the consumer associations or international law firms who have deluded about compensation millionaires through the class action or civil cases that still await an end and never reach these levels.

Through the Concordia sentence we can make the following remarks:

  • We got the recognition of entitlement for passengers to grant a compensation for PTSD from a shipwreck, and not only to physical damage;
  • we deployed a request for punitive damages and we will once again in the NA case.
  • We have shown that the offers made by companies, according to their criteria (dealing on consumer associations) are unacceptable, and they were sentenced to up to five times the final offer (take or leave it) that Costa Crociere did.
  • We have demonstrated to the insurance companies that the criminal trial is not an infinite ordeal and in only two years we got them to pay up to 50 thousand euro as a provisional down payment, 5 times more.
  • We are dealing with the same insurance company (P&I) of Costa Crociere, and then the negotiations will have to take account of the results that we got, and who we are
  • This amount (50 thousand euro) will then, for our pool that has achieved provisional results, raise the initial parameter for Compensation for passengers of Norman Atlantic.



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