Fire of the “SORRENTO” ferry: HELPLINE for passengers

sorrento-incendio-grimaldiA new fire on another ferry flying the Italian flag happened today 04/28/2015 off Palma de Mallorca, exactly four months after the tragedy of the Norman Atlantic  28/12/2014: the ferry “Sorrento“, the same class of ro-ro pax, the same construction project and the same fire extended throughout the ferry but this time seems fortunately without loss of life and serious injuries. broke out in the morning the fire on board Sorrento Italian flag (property of the italian shipowner Grimaldi Lines), chartered to the Spanish Transmediterranea shortly after departure from the Spanish port of Palma de Mallorca.

Given the gravity of the situation which developed immediately on board, it was decided to abandon ship. The Spanish Ministry of Works said the captain did not initially want to evacuate the ferry but passengers and crew eventually left the burning boat in lifeboats.

All passengers and crew members were rescued by other ships discovered in the area, including the Italian ship “Puglia” Tirrenia owned, leased to the Spanish company Balearia.

exterior_sorrentoThe fire broke out juast as happened on the Norman Atlantic, in the garage, on the 4th deck of the ferry and has then expanded to other areas of the ship. Onboard were the crew of 45 people and 160 passengers, including 14 Italians, in addition to the load of cars and trucks. The rescue operation, which involved numerous ships, took place in Spanish waters and was coordinated from Madrid Iberian Coast Guard, with the help from Rome of the Italian Coast Guard, as the vessel flies the Italian flag.

Passengers can rely on our legal pool to claim damages immediately, to find the right choice and on legal action to be activated (civil and/or criminal) and receive the best care for the Maritime law actions.

We suggest you right now what to do, not only with a brief guide on how and when to make a claim, but how to get the maximum compensation, and a small handbook to follow, strong of the experience at the forefront of maritime disasters following the shipwreck of the Costa Concordia and Norman Atlantic:

WHAT TO DO, some early suggestions:

  1. Make a list of your goods (jewelry, electronic equipment, money, clothes, etc..) lost in the shipwreck.
  2. Retrieve travel documents (voucher email, travel agency etc..) and document any expenses incurred for travel and for repatriation.
  3. For those who have suffered injuries keep copies of medical certificates and expenses, however, as you get home go to your doctor for medical report of anxiety and psychological stress as PTSD or “post traumatic stress disorder”.
  4. Please contact our Law Agency office to send instantly and totally free of charge first letter for the damages request, to the Cruises Company (so-called letter of legal action), which breaks any prescription (there are not 10 days as you might have heard on Tv news, but it is preferable to send as soon as possible notice of your damages in order to effect the legal interests).
  5. In case of injury this shall be subject to criminal legal action and file a complaint within three months after the fact (recommended).
  6. Do not sign any reimbursement form or paper from the Grimaldi or Tansmediterranea lines companies
  7.  The whole procedure with our office will take place online, without the need to physically visit our Offices, via email and web video connections, or if you prefer by making an appointment in major cities of Spain, or at our offices in Milano, Rome or Fiumicino or most of Italian cities.

We have activated a BLOG WITH ALL THE WRECK INFO & NEWS and a Chatline for advice on compensation for Sorrento wreck

ABOUT US: We are a group of lawyers, experts in Ship & mass disaster, as pool “Giustizia per la Concordia” we have been leaders among the civil parties in the crime trial for the shipwreck of Costa Concordia, in which we are still engaged in defending a group of about one hundred passengers in hearings against Francesco Schettino, in the trial running on the Norman Atlantic fire out of the Greek coasts, and we are, as civil parties and prominent leaders, from the early stages of investigations in all Italian major criminal cases involving common interests to victims of personal injury (justice for asbestos victims) or for financial loss of mass numbers (justice for victims of crack SAI insurance), as in many other procedural steps to protect victims of mass disaster and serial damages.


 WHAT WE ARE DOING: as in the Norton Atlantic case, on the side of the civil requests of damages, we have already initiated procedures to request compensation for all passengers of the ferry that we are already assisting – sending formal requests for compensation for each of the survivors, while from the criminal investigation & trial point of view, we will immediately  file a first group of complaints to the Public Prosecutor in Greece, with requests to seize assets and goods of the two Companies involved, Grimaldi lines and Transmediterranea, to guarantee the compensation for damages to our clients. We are the only lawyers, up to the date, to have proposed in the Norman Atlantic case to the Public Prosecutor this important protection measure, for the victim’s future compensations, in the event that the insurance companies, for whatever reason, would try to refuse to pay. It is obviously fundamental to have the maximum possible adhesion from passengers,  to give on one hand greater impetus to our request to seize Companies’ assets, and in the other hand to be able – in this way – to ensure coverage through the seizure of assets  and trough our other initiatives in your favor. Check our LATEST NEWS from the top menu.

WHAT YOU NEED TO ACT FOR DAMAGE COMPENSATION: as the passengers list might be incomplete, you must be able to demonstrate that you were onboard of the Sorrento ship: even without the coupon ticket of Transmediterranea, it could be sufficient to prove your presence on board of one of the ships or helicopters that have rescued passengers; please keep all the receipts of the expenses you paid and need to pay and the medical certificates, please record the transfer and any further expenses in which you incurred to return home and to get medical opinions and visits; get yourself a certificate of a medical psychologist-psychiatrist about the state of anxiety and post traumatic stress (if present), preferably from a public medic institute. The time limit to file a  criminal complaint is of 90 days from the  moment of the sinking, but you should immediately start actions, sending a letter requesting damages and proposing our criminal complaints files. NOTE THAT THE TERM TO FILE A COMPLAINT IS 90 DAYS FROM THE FACT. 

WHAT WE PROVIDE YOU: the pool of “Giustizia per il Norman Atlantic” offers you a global and 360° legal assistance not only to get the maximum compensation, through our team of experienced attorneys with law firms present on virtually the entire territory in Italy, but we  also provided help to single survivors and groups of them to get back home forcing Anek Lines to ensure and pay for returns, and refund the costs of first needs, and we are providing more and more passengers informations and assistance to take a decision. We offer a full package of trust, even giving you the chance to get, for the forensic final report, the technical opinion of Prof. Giovanni De Girolamo, who is the leading expert of PTSD in Italy, already our consultant in the Costa Concordia’s case  and one of the experts appointed by our Ministries in catastrophic events such as Chernobyl, who will provide and examine the psychological consequences as a result of your participation in a highly traumatic experience such as the burning of the Sorrento or the Norman Atlantic and and being for 72 hours on top board, in harsh physical conditions, in order to relate effectively and targeting to be compensated in the right measure. Please note, You should consider that the compensation issue will involve some very peculiar matters, as maritime laws and connecting it to the crime investigations: as a result of a crime, intentional or not, the insurance and the involved companies might refuse to pay, until the end of the investigation phase, unless we push them through complaints and seizure actions. Not all the lawyers will be able to handle the case properly, and you should consider that Italy has the jurisdiction on the criminal procedure, so you might end up doubling the costs for an italian and uk/greece firm. The civil case option, that some greek law firm is suggesting, is at the moment the most unknown path, for timing and results. We have a specific experience on maritime & mass disaster, such as Concordia Shipwreck, and for this reason we are very confident on our means and on possibile choices for our client’s best results.

WHAT ARE THE LEGAL COSTS: we operate in a very clear and absolute transparent method, there is no need of any anticipated payment and we carry out the assistance without requesting any retainer and with zero costs for the Clients, the only expense that remains on your side is for medical certificates; obviously our lawyers do not work for free; the payment system is regulated as a contingency fees’ pact that predicts to leave to lawyers for their assistance a percentage of the amounts that will be earned as compensation in your favor.  For this case it is the best possible, virtuous and beneficial deal for the victims of the tragedy, since, without having to anticipate any expense or risk to pay thousands of euro in fees for legal actions, our lawyers will have to work to get the possible maximum compensations in your interest in the shortest time as possible. The assistance of our pool covers entirely any cost either for the phase out of court (letters and notices damages, negotiations, meetings, transactions, etc.) and either the actions that we are promoting and we intend to promote on behalf of all of our Clients (complaints, request for seizure, represent you as civil part in the criminal trial etc. etc.).

The whole procedure of transmission of documents and updates will be predominantly ONLINE through the blog, without the need to physically visit our Offices, or via email and web videoconferences, or by setting a traditional telephone call or in person at one of our offices, virtually across Italy entirely, or in Greece or in Albany.

We opened a helpline and a web forum for passengers to exchange informations and advices on the possible compensations in regard of the shipwreck – fire Norman Atlantic

Contact us by phone or email now, NO COMMITMENT OF EXPENSES, free consultation, immediate responses of our lawyers, FULL ENGLISH SPOKENSPANISH, Greek and Albanian lawyers available.

  • Help line 24/h                        +39 340 2602504
  • email                           
  • Fiumicino (operative office)           +39 06 89019172
  • Roma                                               (Avv. Massimiliano Gabrielli)
  • Milano                                             (Avv. Cesare Bulgheroni)
  • Biella                                               (Avv. Alessandra Guarini)
  • Spain                                               (Avv. Luis Felipe Garcia)


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